My first open-source contribution

Well, I forked piggyphoto (mentioned here) on GitHub and did a lot of work to get it to play nice with libgphoto2 version 2.4.8, plus I added some functionality that I needed for my project. When I had something I was happy with, I contacted Alex (the piggyphoto author) and asked him if he would like to merge my code back into his original repository, and he did!

piggyphoto still isn’t complete, but at least it’s better than when I found it.

If my mother had any idea how cool it is to contribute to an already-established open source project, she would be so proud!

piggyphoto network graph

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2 Responses to My first open-source contribution

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Jacob, I’ve recently been having a play with piggyphoto. You seem to have a really good grasp of it – can I ask a quick question? How do I enable my camera’s autofocus when using Piggyphoto? I imagine I have to set some config value but I have no idea how to do this. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve.

    • Jacob says:

      Hmm, my point-and-shoot cameras used auto focus by default. I know there is a way to configure the camera in pp, but I no longer have a pp instance and camera to play around with. Google luck!

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