Python and libgphoto2

It took a lot of work to figure out that there is no *totally* complete Python binding for libgphoto2.

I finally did figure out that piggyphoto is active, but is compatible only with the SVN version of libgphoto2. What held me up was a little example script included with piggyphoto called, which fails unless libgphoto2 is the SVN version (2.4.x doesn’t include gp_camera_autodetect() ). If there were a little bit of documentation for piggyphoto, I’d have a much easier time. It looks like it’s a complete ctype front-end for libgphoto2, so maybe docs would be sort of redundant…

The clearest help for getting up-and-running with piggyphoto:

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3 Responses to Python and libgphoto2

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  2. Marcoelgordo says:

    Jacob, I have used your piggyphoto script to amend an existing script. It works well you can see yourself on the screen before the image is captured. However since I use the preview script it disables the Autofocus… I have a Canon eos500D. I had the idea to run in the script “gphoto2 –set-config -autofocusdrive=1”. This works well but when the image is captured the script is blocking on “deleting /capt000”. Any ideas how I could resolve this? Thanks again for the piggyphoto source code. great piece of work.

    • Jacob says:

      I’m not the author of piggyphoto, just made some changes that were accepted by the guy-in-charge. Also, it sounds like your problem might be related to gphoto2, not piggyphoto.

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